Another Great Droidlife Review – Moto Hint Overview, Tour, and Mini Review

Moto Hint Overview, Tour, and Mini Review by Droid Life

Just how very easy is it to get your brand-new Moto X Pure Version up and running on your service provider of choice? As very easy as swapping in a nano SIM from that carrier. Have activated service on AT&T? Just place your SIM in. Exact same thing with Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, or a range of prepaid carriers. Remember, the phone is totally opened with assisted bands for all the major United States service providers, so it must simply work out of the box.

Considering that we wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to obtain your new Moto X Pure Edition collaborating with your carrier of selection, we put together this quick video of a SIM swap from no SIM to AT&T to Verizon within an issue of mins. It’s amazing just how quickly you could get from one network to one more with this phone.

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