Say Hi To The HTC One M9

With the giants in smartphone production lording over the field, the generally smaller players tend to be overlooked, if not completely forgotten. This is rather unfortunate since some of the better phones in town are actually created by lesser-known manufacturers. A good example of this would be the HTC One M9.

Hopefully our review will give you the much needed info to sway your decision of whether or not to upgrade. If it does, make sure you cash in on your old HTC One M8 by selling it online for some easy extra cash. Of course you could always chuck it on eBay, but we recently found Sold My Device who have a fantastic phone buyback service for HTC devices.

Released as the flagship product of HTC during the early part of the year, the M9 is a follow up to the HTC One M8. The phone enjoyed considerable success when it was initially made available. Thus, it was only fitting to come up with an equally stylish mobile gadget as a follow-through project.

Given this, not too many changes in terms of design can be expected from the HTC One M9. Presumably, HTC does not want to introduce major modifications in the M9. As such, it decided to retain the basic design of the M8 even as HTC claims that this is revolutionary and even compares this to the world-renowned Porsche. Of course, the claim is highly disputable, but that is an entirely different story.

In any case, a few upgrades can still be seen if the M9 is examined more closely. For example, the phone sports a coating that is completely resistant to scratches. The built-in anodized aluminum is responsible for this. For people who love to hold on to their phones, but wants these to remain clean as a whistle, the M9 should ably fit the bill.

Given its generally smaller size, the HTC One M9 can also be gripped a lot easier. It also happens to be lighter especially when compared to the M8. However, the size and the weight of the phone are not the only reasons the M9 is able to produce that easy-grip sensation. The edge of the phone has that extra flip which provides the needed stop to enable easier and faster holding.

The downside to this flip though is that it can get caught up in small pocket lines when the phone is placed inside. Damage both to the pocket and to the phone thus becomes a distinct possibility. Nevertheless, such scenarios tend to be a bit extreme.

Camera-wise, the HTC One M9 has a larger screen resolution than its predecessor. In terms of quality, however, nothing much has changed, and many M8 users will hardly have any major difficulty trying to familiarize themselves with the M9. OF course, the fact that the rear camera of the M8 serves as the M9 front camera can be an initial cause of confusion, but that can be easily resolved given constant use of the phone.

An interesting feature here is the phone speakers with HTC introducing Dolby Stereo systems. Dolby has undoubtedly set a name in the sound system field and its entry into the smartphone business is something worth watching out for. As to whether it can further enhance the reputation of HTC, specifically its M9 phone model, is still a big question mark.

Overall, the HTC One M9 should come down as one smartphone worth looking into, especially for loyal M8 users who may want to experience using an upgraded model. New customers, meanwhile, will definitely find the M9 a generally good catch.

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